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About Nicole M Gut Productions:

Nicole M Gut productions was created in 2015 after Nicole was introduced to a wonderful one-act play by Tennessee Williams titled "Hello From Bertha." Then the mission was born.  She had to perform this role and with that came the idea of including five other gems by the great master.  Everyone knows Tennessee Williams’ famous works: A Streetcar Named Desire, Glass Menagerie, and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. However, few people are aware that these short one-act plays even exist.  


Nicole collaborated with her good friend, teacher, director, mentor and Tony Award Nominee: Lorraine Serabian, to put some of these beauties on the boards.  She has presented various one-act plays by Tennessee four times now as a production entitled "Merciful Delusions: 4 One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams," taking them to new heights each time. The last production was a sold out run in November 2019 at Shetler Studios, Theatre 54.

Nicole also has produced "Defeat The Street" a benefit fundraiser with Kiss The World. These amazing artist joined forces in a variety showcase fundraiser to benefit the Coalition For The Homeless, called Defeat The Street in March of 2019. In 2020, Nicole will put on the benefit again!

"Merciful Delusions: A Night of One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams"


Our goal is to raise money and awareness to support the Coalition For The Homeless and all the amazing work they do and the lives they touch.  There are so many different unfortunate paths and journeys that can lead to being homeless, from mental health issues to unemployment to struggling vets to name a few.  It is a sad reality that it can happen to anyone any time.  And in our current cultural situations, families are being hit the hardest with the increased pricing on everything, but especially food and housing.

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